How Has Bingo Fared During Lockdown?

Tumbling Bingo Balls

The global pandemic has completely changed the economic landscape. It’s changed how we live our lives, how we work, and how we socialise.

The bingo industry has seen both ends of the spectrum, with months upon months of closure for bingo halls across the UK, but with more people looking to online entertainment, there’s also been some very positive news too.

Below we take a look at how the bingo industry has fared over the past six months…

Bingo Halls: Struggling To Stay Alive

Bingo halls across the UK have really suffered like many entertainment industries over the past few months. Alongside the likes of cinemas and casinos they were closed in March with reopening not until July.

That has come at a reduced capacity and that is still the case, with some across the country still having not opened up.

Among the major chains, they’ve opened at a staggered rate, and are struggling to make ends meet with such a lower number of visitors.

Many have extended their opening hours in order to let more visitors in, and they’ll be keen to open to a bigger capacity as soon as possible.

Online Bingo: Bigger & Better Than Ever

It isn’t all bad news for bingo though. The closure of bingo halls during lockdown, and the need to source entertainment online has seen people flock to online bingo sites in the millions.

Some sites have seen as much as a 30% increase in new players and they’ve largely managed to keep those players as we start to move out of lockdown.

There’s been a large rise in both new desktop and mobile bingo players, with mobile gaming seeing as many as 30% new players in year-on-year according to studies by the Financial Times.

That’s had a huge effect on mobile bingo and bingo chat rooms which have been busier than ever before.

A Bright Future Post Lockdown?

The rise of online bingo during lockdown is just an acceleration of an industry that was already thriving. That had prior to lockdown had seen a knock on effect on bingo halls, with more people visiting, and a number of alternative bingo nights also thriving.

That was put on hold during lockdown, and still is given that there is still an heir of uncertainty about people “getting back to normal”.

However, the further rise in new online bingo could be good news in the long run for offline bingo. The rise in new customers, and indeed new demographics, could see more people look to bingo halls for an evening out when normality resumes, just as it had previously. Of course, it’s just understanding exactly when that will happen.

For online bingo alone, the future is most certainly bright. The fact sites have been able to retain players as we progress out of lockdown is incredibly encouraging, and with technology continuing to make online bingo an even more exciting place to be, the only way is up. And long may that continue.